WordPress: Fun with Shortcodes

This can be handy for things that you want to show many times on your site like if you want to add a contact form or a piece of embed code from a website for newsletter sign up, bar graph, or anything like that.
In your functions.php file (hopefully within a child theme) add your own shortcode

function dospecialthings( $atts )
  <a style='padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;color:red;background-color:black;border-radius:5px;' href='https://hopelessmind.com'>Learn Stuff and Things</a>
<?php return; } 

add_shortcode( 'specialshortcode', 'dospecialthings' );

This will show a link to my site anytime I type [specialshortcode] it will show Learn Stuff and Things


Documentation: WordPress Shortcode API